Official Plugin Chat

Configure the messaging system

Requires Belloo 4.0 or newer.

Plugin Settings

Enable credits per message
Charge specific amount of credits per message

View current users credits
Enable for show the credits of the people that is chatting with you

Charge credits per message
Charge credits every new message is sent

Charge credits to specific gender
Charge credits per message only to the selected gender

Transfer credits of message to reciever
If Charge credits for message is enabled, enable this for transfer the cost of the credit for send the message to the reciever of the message

Transfer credits of gifts to reciever
Enable this for transfer the credit cost of the gift to the reciever of the message

Start Conversation
Only the selected gender has the ability to send the first message

It means for example if you choose that girls can only send the first message, boys must wait till the girl write them

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