Official Plugin Fake users generator

Auto generate fake users based on the search criteria of the client

Requires Belloo 4.0 or newer.

Plugin Settings

Enable fake users generator
Enable or disable fake users generator for the software

Amount of fake users for create on every api call
The api call triggers everytime any user make a search in the meet section, if the result of the search in your database is 0 or lower than 20 users, the fake user generator auto triggers the api call for more fake users creation

Higer number allowed is 100, if the number is higer than 100 the api will still work but only create 100 fake users

Set ALL new fake users online
If enabled all the generated users will be online, if disabled it will be random

Generator Ethnicity Reference - Country based
Generate fake users from the selected country (as Ethnicity reference)

For example if you are running a dating site for european people you should select one of the european countries

Auto fill the profile questions with random values
If enabled when the generator add the users to the database it will auto add random answers to the profiles questions

License usage and limit
Your current usage and limit of for create fake users, if you want to extend your limit you can purchase more users from this link Upgrade limit

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