Official Plugin Fake users interactions

Gives life to your ONLINE fake users, visiting and liking real users after their visit or like them

Requires Belloo 4.0 or newer.

Plugin Settings

Enable fake users interactions systen
Enable or disable fake user interactions

Visit back
If a real user visit a online fake user and this is enabled, the fake user will visit back to the real user and send a notification of the visit

Chance to visit back in percentage %
If the fake user is online set the chance to visit back after visit
The fake user will take from 15 to 90 seconds to visit back for avoid suspicius

Chance to LIKE visitor in percentage %
If the fake user is online set the chance to give like after visit, This feature depends on the visit back, this will only trigger if the fake user has visited back
The fake user will take from 5 to 15 seconds to give like for avoid suspicius

Notification timeout in minutes
For example if the real user visit the online fake user 15 times in 3 min, the user will receive 15 notifications of the visit back if you have 100% of visit back rate.
So for prevent that we added a timeout which means if the visited fake profile already visited the real user in the past timeout time it wont send the notification again.
We recommend 30 minutes of timeout for notifications

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