Official Plugin Profile page

Configure the profile page features

Requires Belloo 4.0 or newer.

Plugin Settings

Show user bio message
If enabled users will see bio welcome message in the profiles

Allow users to share custom url
If enabled users will be able to add a custom url bellow the bio message

Custom value to the profile url link
Add your custom url values to profile links, it work for affiliates or referrers
Leave it empty if you dont want to use it

Show Leaderboard
Show user leaderboard, the leaderboard is based on the credits sent by other users to the current profile

Leaderboard show count
Set how much users you want to show in the leaderboard

Show user score
User profile score based on likes and dislikes

Show profile questions
If enabled show profile questions and allow users to answer the questions

Show profile videos
If enabled users will see uploaded videos in the profile

Show profile ubication map
If enabled in the profile will be desplayed a map image of the user city

Show profile interests
If enabled show profile interests and allow users to update interests

Show profile languages
If enabled show profile languages

Show send gift banner
If enabled show send gift banner at the right section

Allow users to send credits eachother
If enabled show send credits button in the profile page

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