Official Plugin General Settings

Software general settings

Requires Belloo 4.0 or newer.

Plugin Settings

Remove www from domain
Remove WWW from domain, its necesary if you want to install the website in subdomain or just dont want www

Force enable SSL
Auto redirect to the secure url if the visitor comes from the regular http, if this is disabled will auto-redirect to non secure url, so if you have SLL enable it from here

Site email
Add your site email for contact form

Site name
Name of your site

Force profile photo upload
Force new users to upload a profile photo to navigate in the site

Force users to verify their email
Foce new users to verify their email to use the site

This feature requires a working configuration of the SMTP plugin, before enable this make sure your SMTP service is working correctly

Site currency for payments
Set the site currency for credits and premium

Review uploaded photos
Manually review all the uploaded photos

Set the site base timezone

Check the timezone list

Show only username, not names
If you want to base all your site by username and not the real name of the user, enable this

Max Upload Size
Its recommended to increase the upload size to 50MB so your user can upload their stories without problems

Currency Symbol
Set the currency symbol

Enable language auto-detection
Enable for auto detect the visitor language and select that language as default for the visitor, if disabled the software will use the default language setted by the admin

Default language
Choose a default language for the site

Distance metric system
Choose the metric system for the software

Limit of the metric system
Limit the search radius calculated with the current metric unit

Min age to register
Set the min age to register in your site

Show upload photo after register
Show uplodad a profile photo after register from website

Show checkbox in register form
Force in the registration to select the checkbox that they are agree with the site terms

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