Official Plugin Spotlight

Allow users to get into the spotlight and get seen more by others

Requires Belloo 4.0 or newer.

Plugin Settings

Enable Spotlight
Enable or disable Spotlight plugin for the software

Area spotlight users
The spotlight users are order by proximity using geolocation, but you can add one more filter and its limiting the zone, you can choose from Worldwide Country and City, if you choose for example City it will get the spotlight data from the current user city ordered by proximity.

Worlwide spotlight
If there is no result in the spotlight because you selected City or Country automatic change to Worldwide

Spotlight count
How much users will be in the spotlight
Recommended 14 users

Auto fill spotlight
If there isnt any user yet for the spotlight auto-complete with random popular users

Duration for photo in spotlight
How much time the photo will stay in the spotlight? add the amount in days

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