Official Plugin Stories system

Allow users to upload instagram like stories adapted to the dating industry

Requires Belloo 4.0 or newer.

Plugin Settings

Charge credits for see story
Allow users to turn any story as private and people must pay credits to see it

Possible story price values
Set the possible stories prices separated by comma ,

Transfer the credit amount of the purchase
If enabled the amount of the story purchase will be added to the story owner

Enable or disable story plugin
Enable or disable stories system

Days for show stories
Set how much days the story will be available to see if not featured in the profile (as instagram)

Duration for photo image story
Set the duration of the story if the publication is an image, for the videos the duration will be the video time duration

Auto add into stories the uploaded media
Enable for auto add the uploaded media of the profiles to the stories

Create story albums
If enabled users will be able to create albums for their already uploaded stories

Review uploaded story
Put the story in the review section to approve or delete it

Show story even if in review
Enable to show the stories even if they are pending for review, if disabled it will show the story only to the owner with a message that is waiting to be reviewed

Price in credits for reply a story
Charge credits for reply to stories
Set the value to 0 to disable this feature

Story message
Allow users to send private message from story

Transfer the credit amount for send message
If enabled the amount of credits for send a message from story will be added to the story owner

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