Official Plugin Withdrawal

Allow users to convert credits into real money

Requires Belloo 4.0 or newer.

Plugin Settings

Withdrawal system
Allow users to exchange credits for real money

Withdrawal Rate
Set the rate from the exchange of credits for real money.
As credits package reference the software will use the biggest credits package which is the chepeast way to get credits

Example data for understand how it works, actually your current biggest credits package
is [CREDITS] credits for [PRICE] and your current withdrawal rate is [RATE] so as example if a user with lots of credits has [EXAMPLE] credits they will be allowed to withdrawl [AMOUNT] from your site

You can adjust biggest credits package from here Site pricing

Withdrawal Required Amount
Set the minimun amount of money to request a withdrawal

Withdrawal Payout Estimated Date
Set in days in how much time the users that request a payout will get the money

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